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GAWIREA, a developing Women Empowerment and RE-based foundation, have been set the goals to be known in some sort of event. By joining the competition and obtaining the reward, it will increase the chance for GAWIREA to apply RE-based community development.


GAWIREA was the 3rd best on Idea Category on YELP 2023. As the actor of Women Empowerment and RE-based foundation, GAWIREA must be debuting in some events which have the Renewable Energy related theme. Attending the boot camp is such a beneficial agenda to gain various and latest knowledge also information. Beginning the journey from applying various events, GAWIREA does hope to gain the fund to actualise the idea to be the real object or method which can be used and applied in the project site.

Faizal Rohmiani of GAWIREA at YELP event

The Idea of RE-based Sagoo house is such a promising material to be conducted as the economic activities in South Papua. The business itself will be producing some benefits in various sectors. On the other hand, it also applied the SDGs goals and also it is sustainable.


YELP (Youth Economic Leadership Program) is a boot camp conducted by the Bank Indonesia Institute (BINS). The event was conducted as a manifestation of the vision and the mission of Bank Indonesia external parties to prepare the young generation to be the future economic leader. It was held at Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta, Indonesia from the 20th to the 23rd of June 2023. The theme of the event is Innovation to Accelerate Green and Blue Economy in Indonesia. Prior to the boot camp, there were some process such as registration and selection. The participants of the boot camp were the finalist which consist of 20 participants of Idea Category and the other 20 participants of Start-Up Category.

The YELP itself was first conducted in 2017 and the last event was the 7th Batch. The boot camp consists of various agendas. They were Class, Mentorship, Demo-day, Sharing Session, Pitching, and Graduation Day.

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