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The International Youth Year was established in 1985 and the following events led the International Youth Day which commemorates every August 12. By celebrating this annual event, there is a hope that this commemoration can increase the awareness of the youth on their impactful action on the world. Also, it may widen the knowledge of what the youth has been impactful to this world until this time.

Delivering the data of UN, at present the number of youth in this world has reached up to 1.2 billion people which ranges from the age of 15 to 24. The amount of youth has a ratio of 16% of the world’s population.

At the age of transition, the youth has some unique characteristics. The ambitious characteristic can represent the youth, it leads the strong communication and active listening skills. The ambition on gaining more knowledge leads them to be more active in listening, also they are willing to be adaptable in many situations.

Based on the UN page’s statement “Student Energy, the world’s largest youth-led energy transition group, has also found that when young people can take action and make decisions, they get results. They have already announced their Youth UN-Energy Compact ahead of the High-level Dialogue on Energy, which will fund and support 10,000 youth-led clean energy projects by 2030.” It shows that the youth have a significant contribution to establishing sustainable development by creating actions.

The youth age, at the highest ambitious phase, can lead to positive goals being achieved. Their empathy is their foundation and their intelligence is the media to obtain their goals in Sustainable Energy Development. On the other hand, the regional societies must be support their actions and if anything happens to them it just their beginning, because the youth phase is the phase of fighting with their full ambition to get what they want.

Related to the present commemoration, on the next project Gawirea has the intention to create awareness of the youth in the term of Sustainable Energy Development. Simply, by exchanging the information and stimulate their awareness of their presences and the potential resources presences can leads them to begin and create some actions which mean to the Sustainable Energy Development.


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