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One of the activities of the Net Zero Program is the Project Survey in some remote areas in East Borneo Province. The survey was conducted by our operational staff, Stefanus Sogen, the youth of East Nusa Tenggara which willing to conduct the exploration and social observation in the remote areas. This survey project is also supported by the best cooperation of ESDM officers of East Borneo Province. The exploration required a two-month stay at Samarinda. It was conducted in the mid of September until mid-November 2023.

Stefanus Sogen (Blue Shirt) with DESDM Officer of East Borneo Province

The schedule of the trip was arranged by the local ESDM officers. Sogen, as the representative of Gawirea, completed his journey by submitting the data and building relationships with the rural people. By following the scheduled trip, Sogen successfully achieved data from 5 remote villages and a remote island village on his arranged schedule. Out of the 6 visited remote villages, many others remain to be explored at the other opportunities.

Residential Area of Selengot Village

The villages visited by the local ESDM officers of East Borneo Province and Gawirea Operational Staff are Kampoong Ujo Halang, Kampoong Matalibaq, Labuangkalo Village, Selengot Village, Kendesiq Village and The Miang Island Village which solo-visited by Sogen. The observation trip was conducted at the end of the Dry Season in East Borneo so that Sogen had the chance to feel the weather when it’s dry season and also experience a few rainy moments in East Borneo.

At Ujo Halang Village

The Stilts House Model was commonly visited in remote areas. Based on the information, their house is modeled as stilts to prevent the flood which may happen during the periodic time. Sogen also stated that there are some cultural differences in the residential area in East Borneo. The people who reside in the more remote area i.e. the upstream of the river mainly dominated by the origin people of Dayak tribe, meanwhile the residents of the seashore people are already assimilated by the other tribes i.e. Bugis, Makassar, Java, etc.

The challenge conquered by the team is the unconditional weather while conducting the trip to the remote areas. Some of the trip was happening on the land meanwhile the others were on the ocean. Accompanied by the unfriendly path to the village their trip creates a memorable moment which enough to remind us to stay being grateful.

Photo Spot of Miang Island

The unique occurrence faced by Sogen happened when he conducted his Solo trip. He is being treated as a package object which is being transferred a couple of times to some different drivers and vehicles. It was happening because there was none of available travel which headed to Berau dan Sangkulirang. Gratefully, Sogen arrived at Miang Island in a safe condition.

When we determine with a good purpose to visit a place, don’t be worry to face the challenges because there will be good people who welcome you sincerely

Stefanus Spulo Sogen
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