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Geographic condition and accessibility

Kendesiq is located in Siluq Ngurai District, West Kutai Regency, and East Borneo Province. It can be reached by conducting an 18-hour land trip as far as 270 km to the west side of Samarinda. On the trip, it is required to do the transit once at Muara Tae. The previous road from Samarinda to Muara Tae is well constructed which is an asphalt road meanwhile the rough road begins from Muara Tae to Kendesiq. The unpaved road at Muara Tae-Kendesiq is hard to conquer when the rain comes, it becomes wet and muddy and it’s also steep.

Kendesiq Village from bird view

Kendesiq is a remote area which estimated about 1000 ha in its area. It is surrounded by forest and Oil Palm Plantation which are owned by some companies. Commonly, the local people’s land is rented to the Plam companies. As the consequences affect their economy, some other natural disasters can’t be prevented and can be unpredictable. Based on the historical disaster which is a flood that can be unconditionally happening in the village, the people built their house in a model of Stilts House as well as their village footpath

People of The Village

People of Kendesiq at the local sport match event

Kendesiq village is resided by 396 people of the original Borneo tribe (Dayak) which is divided into 176 females and 220 males. They live in a group of 100 households. The residents happen to undergo their daily life by embracing the traditional rules, i.e. celebrating the religious day, the harvesting day. They tend to rely on a tribe’s chief while conducting the ceremonial event.

At Kendesiq village, the decision-maker role is mostly played by the male of the family. It probably happens due to the influence of daily habits and also the cultural inherited habits. The male tends to be dominantly making the decisions at the domestic to governmental level and also tends to act more in the heavy duties.

Farmers and Fishermen are the common professions of Kendesiq’s people. Regarding their abundant natural products in the forest, they tend to fulfill their economic needs by trading forestry products. On the other hand, they also trade the fishery product by utilizing their proficient freshwater fishing skill. To quench their palate, they are blessed with the hunting skill to create their side dish.

The Facility and Electricity Existence

Solar Power Plant in Kendesiq

The residential area at Kendesiq is categorized as a centralized settlement. Their daily life is equipped by enough amount of public facility buildings. The existing electricity is provided by the Off-Grid Solar Power Plant which is built in 2017, with fairly divided power at the amount of 700 Wh on each house. However, the current electricity supply can only be used until 10 pm. The upcoming revitalization has been planned to be conducted in early 2024.

The Certain Circumstances

The accessible water source in the remote area is categorized as the most appropriate area to live however the unconditional nature can be unpredictable. It also happens in Kendesiq, their nearby water spring happens to be turbid. The resident is forced to purchase clean water at a cost Rp. 5.000 per liter which is quite expensive regarding the amount of daily water needed which is around 50 liters per day per person (WHO).  

On the other hand, the abundance of forestry products and proficient fishing skills can be the sources to enhance their economy or at least to make clean water a way more accessible. At present, product processing skill is categorized as ordinary and traditional. Developing advanced methods to enhance their skill in product processing can lead the local people to trade more harvested products in various ways and in higher price ranges to make their economy level better.

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