The goal of GAWIREA is to empower women through non-formal education to use renewable energy as a source of income, enabling villages to become both economically and energetically independent.

Village women’s empowerment should not be hampered by inadequate infrastructure or lack of access to electricity. In order to help women balance their duties in society, renewable energy is an efficient answer.

In addition, this grassroots movement has the potential to offer doable answers to individuals who, for the most part, reside in rural locations without access to energy services and in poverty. These organizations may be trusted to provide access to electricity in places that infrastructure development cannot. Women who are skilled in the energy industry can participate more actively in the sustainable development agenda, which will benefit everyone’s welfare.


Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships


Our team has diverse gender, educational, cultural, and environmental backgrounds. This diversity gives us the same vision and mission to empower women through empowerment programs based on renewable energy. We create an inclusive work system, including local champions. Nobody must be left behind!


Our values and behaviours as an organization are what characterize us. It’s how we in the GAWIREA relate to each other, our work, and the world, and it’s how those with whom we interact experience us. It defines who we are together, and it is more than the sum of each of us. The norms shape everything we do, from how we engage with each other daily to how we partner with others to deliver on our most ambitious hopes for the future. Like many organizational cultures, it often goes unspoken.

This vision describes who we are, who we want to be, and why each aspect of our culture matters. It is aspirational but rooted in present-day experience. It has been co-created from the inputs of founders and leaders who helped identify three values and five behaviours that are important to them personally and to the work of the GAWIREA in the future.



We thank all parties who have become part of our journey and are a support system that always makes us believe that our dream to empower and prosper women in rural areas with renewable energy is a sensible thing to come true. Thank you for helping us live our dream in this social business. We have survived this far because of the help of many people, and we are deeply grateful for that. Let’s go beyond!