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Geographic condition and accessibility

A Scene of Selengot Village

Selengot Village is located on the small island at the southwest of East Borneo Province. Its administrative area is stated to be part of Tanjung Harapan District and Paser Regency. Selengot can be determined as the neighborhood of Labuangkalo. Both those village has some similar characteristics in geographic and social condition. Selengot is a seashore village in which as a common term the local people utilize the stilt house model as its residence. The same as Labuangkalo, Selengot is surrounded by the mangrove forest and placed above the muddy swamp.

Based on the project trip conducted from Samarinda, it takes about 11 hours- a land trip followed by 2 hours sailing to reach Selengot. It’s suggested that the trip to Selengot must be conducted during summer because there is a chance of unpredictable wind storms when it is conducted during the rainy season. Regarding the geographical location which is at the seashore Selengot as well as Labuangkalo has the potential disaster of twister.

People of The Village

Selengot is resided by 1425 people, divided into 725 males and 700 females. The major religion embraced by the local people is Moslem. The people are grouped into 387 households. The tribes of Selengot people are Bugis, Makassar, and Java, which use Bugis Language as their daily communication language.

The students at Selengot High School

Based on the gender equality perspective, the people of Selengot commonly decide by relying on the male. Being a gentleman in Selengot also dominated the position in the governmental sector. They also tend to do heavier duties as fishermen and farmers. The male also has the part in assisting their spouse in the activity of farming.

The Facility and Electricity Existence

Selengot consists of 190 houses and 13 Public facilities. A similar situation in Labuangkalo village also happens at Selengot, the available facilities at the village merely provide basic and simple services both health and economy facilities. People of Selengot tend to cross the river to Lori to obtain better health care as well as the proper daily necessary stuff.

Solar Power Plant Construction at Selengot Village

Currently, there is a construction of a Solar Power Plant in Selengot Village. It is designed to provide electricity for each house in the amount of 700 Wh meanwhile each public facility will gain 1000 Wh. By enhancing the accessibility of electricity, there is some hope that can be relied on assisting the people daily activities as well as providing better education at Selengot Village which is only available until the stage of Primary High School.

The Certain Circumstances

The salt pond nearby the residential area

Selengot has potential local resources which able to be developed, it is a fishery product. The lack of information and method for preserving the fishery product and the limited accessibility of clean water has influenced the people to preserve the fishery product. On the other hand, A few people possessed salt ponds in a few areas. The seashore product usually being traded at Lori market.

Based on the existence of the public facilities, Selengot has enough facilities to provide the social activities in the village. On the other hand, accessibility of clean water hasn’t been achieved by the people of Selengot. Regards, the existing sources produce brackish, The people have to purchase clean water.

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