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One of Startup in Indonesia, GAWIREA, which won the funding competition in South Korea

The development of bussiness sector and start up in Indonesia not only gain the attention in the national scale but also begin to create a potentials chance gain the support of international investor.

The similar things has conducted by one of the sociopreneur, winner of Youth Co: Lab Indonesia, Girls Women in Renewable Energy Academy (GAWIREA). This South Papua-based sociopreneur had successfully gained the Impact Awards in the event of Citypreneurs.

By experiencing the long journey of the selection process. GAWIREA has been announced as one of the winner of Impact Awards Category. GAWIREA delivered the idea of Wani Yinio Sagoo House which is the integrated system of sagoo processing by applicating Renewable Energy to support the food security in Indonesia, specifically in the region of South Papua.

“Actually GAWIREA doesn’t have the expection on winning the incubation process, we registered the Citypreneurs because it’s a part of the Youth Co-Lab Ecosystem which supports our journey from the beginning”

Rosita- CEO of GAWIREA

The funding in the nominal of 5000 USD is allocated to build the Remewable Energy-based Sagoo Processing System in South Papua (GAWIREA).

“Out of the competition, We truly highly motivated to gain the knowledges form the mentors, speakers and all startups also sociopreneurs which participate this event. As a beginner, I realize i have to meet many people, build up connections and learn form them, by just doing it, I could acquaint the shortage of GAWIREA which must be repaired and the uniqueness which has to be maintained”


This Competition Event unites all start ups which developing the sector of Medical Technology, Education, Transportation and SDG integrated Environment in the contex of Sustainable and Smart City.

The aim of the event is to accelerate the implementation of SDG by associating the Government People, Private Enterpreneurs, Professional TI and youths, Creating the innovatie space for the young enterpreneur to share their ideas and gain companion supports for the solutions of SDG.

“We thank to Citypreneurs on believing of what we start in GAWIREA which has a positive impact to the environment. By observing, many start ups which possessed the social mission and their compelling bussiness ideas, we are sure to not give up and keep repairing our own technology


This bussiness idea possesses the chance in increasing the women’s chance of working and decreasing the usage of fossil in the process of providing the food or agriculture. Citypreneurs also gave the excellent rewards to some stary ups to obtain the access to the investor for their bussiness development.

This event or program participated by more than 40 start ups which based from some countries of Asia, such as Korea, Indonesia, Phillipines and Bangladesh. The attendance of this kind of program certainly will give a positive impact to the whole environment. The importance on developing the sustainable-based bussiness becomes the future which has been expected by every country.

Citypreneurs is one of the competition to increase the impact of sociopreneur in Asia. This program is being the development platform and the growth ecosystem for start up which has been held by UN, WFUNA and City Government, to support the innovation of enterpreneurship which based on the SGD Suitable Sustainable Impact

Citypreneurs has been held in hybrid system. The Incubation process and Capacity Development conducted through online-virtual. Meanwhile the Demo Day Process had been held in Ulsan, South Korea on 12th to 13th June 2023.


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