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It is widely known that Indonesia has reached 98% of the electrification ratio. Considering the fact that Indonesia has wide areas, the 1% means it is still a large area and thousands of people haven’t met their independence on gaining an electrified life. The term electrification includes energy accessibility.

The SDG 7 has stated that its goal is providing clean energy as well its accessibility for the people. Regarding the present technology the existence of electricity itself is able to be created by the local potential natural resource. The existence of a flowing river, a windy area, and also the benefit of Indonesia which obtained sufficient light could be utilized for the Renewable Energy based Electricity Power Plant.

Electricity itself is indeed the primary need for the people. It provides the acceptance of the information, the growth and the development of the area in many sectors, the criminal ratio and so on. Related to the theme of this special day, Gawirea hopes that the people can be soon reached their independence in obtaining more information, knowledge, and development by expanding electricity to the rural and remote areas.

Another thing about energy is the way of its consumption. People nowadays have the right to gain independence in the consumption of energy in their daily lives. Regarding the goal of the energy transition, modern people have some wide choice to establish fossil fuel-based energy or clean energy. On the other hand, the organization which provides the general needs of the people has to provide the energy in a large amount and is challenged to substitute the fossil-fuel-based electricity power plant to the sustainable source-based power plant.

For a better and developed Indonesia, as a people we can contribute by starting a good habit in wisely using and choosing the energy. Meanwhile, the bigger society leads to a movement to create some impact. The More bigger society can lead the policy which may support the energy transition and maintain the environmental condition also beat climate change’s negative effects.



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