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Geographic condition and accessibility

Kampoong Matalibaq is located in Long Hubung District, Regency of Mahakam Ulu, East Borneo Province. It’s a remote village located on the bank of Mahakam River. To reach Matalibaq Village or Kampoong Matalibaq from Samarinda, it requires a 17 to 22-hour trip, mostly by sailing.

The river bank of Matalibaq

Kampoong Matalibaq is about 140 km away from the capital of the Mahakam Ulu Regency (Ujoh Bilang). The trip is suggested to be conducted in the dry season because the unpredictable conditions could be happening when it’s rainy season. The dominance of crossing the river trip can severely affect the trip when it’s conducted in the rainy season also there is a land trip that has a challenging road to be surpassed.

People of The Village

The kampoong consists of 1048 people which is divided into 544 males and 504 females. They are grouped as 309 households which mostly acted as farmers. Living surrounded by the forest train the local people to utilize the forestry product to fulfill their daily need. They also have the skill in live stocking.

Discussion at the Village Office

The people of Matalibaq are the tribe people of Dayak which maintain their traditional activities and certain ceremonial events based on the cultural guide. In conducting their ritual, they have their custom costume. Their ceremonial event is usually conducted in February or March when harvesting season comes.

The Facility and Electricity Existence

Kampoong Matalibaq consists of about 203 houses with some public facilities which are dominated by the education building. The pattern of the residential area is categorized as linear following the bank of the river. Their house is modeled as stils houses which is a common residential model in East Borneo.

A peek at the Matalibaq residential area

The education, health, economy, and religious facilities are available for the basic service. The accessibility of clean water is categorized as lacking because they still use rainwater and river water to be consumed. The people obtained clean water by purchasing it at a cost Rp. 5.000 per 19 liter.

Currently, there is a construction of a Solar Power Plant in Kampoong Matalibaq. It is designed to provide electricity for each house in the amount of 700 Wh and each public facility in the amount of 1000 Wh. At present, before the Solar Power Plant can be used, they received the company’s help in the form of a diesel machine.

The Certain Circumstances

The location of the kampong is at the site of the river. The local potential resources that create the opportunity to be developed are fishery products and medicinal plants. By using the existing organization to manage the potential, it enhances the opportunity to grow the current economic condition.

Clean water provider store

Besides the complete amount of social facilities, Matalibaq residents have to face the lack of accessibility to clean water. On the other hand, the potential resources that can be developed are medicinal plants and fishery products. Some research must assist them to get fair conditions to utilize the forestry product and gain more clean water accessibility.

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