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Geographic condition and accessibility

Wooden Boat (Transportation Mode to reach Ujo Halang Village)

Kampoong Ujo Halang is a remote village located at the bank of the Mahakam River (The biggest river in East Borneo. It’s a part of Long Iram District, Regency of West Kutai, East Borneo Province. The trip takes about 16 to 21 hours from Samarinda to Kampoong Ujo Halang mostly by sailing. As the trip is conducted mostly on the river, it must be severely affected when it comes rainy season because of the potential unpredictable storm.

Stilts House in Ujo Halang

As a resident of the river bank, the local people tend to build their houses on a stilts model. The potential disasters at Ujo Halang, regarding its geographical location, are floods and landslides. Instead of conducting the trip in the rainy season, it would be the best option to do it in the dry season.

People of The Village

Ujo Halang resident is the tribe people of Dayak which is the original tribe of Borneo. The tribe is mostly discovered in the remote mountain area. They are proficient in fishing and farming. They fulfill their daily need by doing those activities.

People of Ujo Halang in front of the village office

The gender equality at Ujo Halang happens to be fairly distributed. The position of male and female officers in the government sector is fairly divided. In conducting their daily life, the male and female tend to distribute their assignment fairly based on equity. The people mainly acted as freshwater fishermen and farmers.

The Facility and Electricity Existence

Ujo Halang is a remote mountain area that is sufficiently provided with access to clean water. The economy facility is also well supplied to assist the local people’s daily needs. However, the education facility is only accessible at the level of elementary school and the health facility only provides the basic service. The local people must cross the river to the capital of Long Iram District to fulfill their needs.

Clean Water Storage of Ujo Halang

Kampoong Ujo Halang currently has an ongoing Solar Power Plant installment project. The Solar Power Plant is projected to supply the electricity to the targeted households and some facilities. Electricity may encourage people to be more creative in preserving and managing the product from local natural resources.

The Certain Circumstances

Medicinal Plants Farm

At the moment, the Dayak of Ujo Halang conducting the farming method with the ordinary method. By enhancing their skill in farming and fishing, there must be a possibility to obtain valuable value in the economic sector. As a companion, while electricity is about to be available, skilled people have a higher possibility to enhance their economic condition to reach a prosperous life.

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